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    Feature:  Custom sheet entry and submission

    Feature:  Custom sheet approvals

    Feature:  One-click editing of existing entries on My Activity

    Feature:  Filtering for access to types of entry based on role

    Feature:  Show entry type names when customized

    Feature:  Filter eligible project list for entry screen type

    Feature:  Show project descriptions in create entry if entry screen option is on

    Feature:  Ability to edit and submit rejected sheets

    Fix: iOS crash when you are kicked out of mobile for logging into browser

    Fix: Issues showing the correct columns and labels when creating and editing entries

    Fix: Android crash when saving a picture taken with camera

    Fix: iOS screens have formatting problems when phone in dark mode

    Fix: List order not alphanumeric in some cases for entry create

    Fix: Remove erroneous success message when user tries to add entry to closed sheet

    Fix: Android should not save blank entry comments as “null”