Journyx and Journyx PX (PDF)

Release: Endeavor (v12.1)

Date: November, 2019


Journyx gives you the tools you need to collect employee time quickly and accurately for projects, billing, and payroll. The latest release of Journyx’s core product makes project time and expense tracking even easier and reporting more powerful.


Here is what’s new in Journyx:


Focus on Reporting User Experience, Flexibility and Security


Cleaner, more modern report output, combined with run-time options and secure 3rd party connectivity, makes Journyx reporting more powerful than ever.


  • New and improved web format for standard reports with pagination, drill down, search, etc.
  • Filter a report in different ways without changing the report’s saved settings
  • API key authentication security including read-only keys and key expiration for connecting to 3rd party BI platforms



Smarter Timesheet Autofill and Approval Efficiency 


More accurate data for suggestions gets users one step closer to a timesheet that fills itself out.  With better data and tools to view it, managers can breeze through the review and approval process and get on with their days.


  • User-selected, keyword-based rules for automatically ignoring specific types of suggested time entries (e.g., vacation, personal appointments)
  • New, more secure API key authentication for connection to third-party sources of timesheet suggestions
  • Additional viewing options for manager approvals, including time format selection, drill down and remembering your settings
  • New notifications engine for managing notifications to employees from inside of Journyx 


Miscellaneous Features

  • Set single versus multiple assignment methods at the project-task level in Journyx PX
  • Create new role abilities for generating and using API keys
  • Easily remember your last filters and settings with new card-based screens


NOTE: Beginning with this release, Journyx no longer supports the Internet Explorer browser.   Microsoft no longer updates Internet Explorer.  Journyx is supported on modern versions of Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Journyx 12 is only available for cloud customers.  With Journyx 12’s cloud-based solution, all of your employees’ time (including project and leave time) and expenses are entered into one system – making timesheet collection and processing quicker and easier.  Click on the PDF link above to read more.  For more information about the Journyx 12, please contact your account representative at +1 800-755-9878 or