Journyx and Journyx PX 12 (PDF)

Journyx gives you the tools you need to collect employee time quickly and accurately for projects, billing, and payroll. Now, we’re making project time and expense tracking more powerful than ever and changing the way you do business – for good.

Here is what’s new in Journyx 12:

Time & Expense Tracking in the Cloud for a Global Workforce 

A cleaner, more modern user interface makes it even easier for your employees to enter more accurate time and expenses.

  • New summary screen option, with drill down to view details, that can be assigned to individual users
  • Summary screen includes a user option to turn on auto-save for faster completion of timesheets
  • Summary screen includes quick access to favorites, recent entries and suggestions while reducing clutter

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Better data results in powerful reports that are not only stunning, but chock full of the insights you need to make critical business decisions. Create visual dashboards inside of Journyx, then share them easily with your teams and stakeholders. You can even power up your reports with connections to both Excel and Power BI.

  • Rich visual reporting in the browser based on your standard reports in the Journyx system
  • Pie, bar and line charts based on single and multiple report dimensions
  • Additional report date range flexibility for pulling data in the past or future automatically
  • Manager dashboards with customization for display data, reporting period and layout

Manager Approvals

Journyx 12 makes it substantially easier for managers to approve timesheets, plus provide snapshots of employee utilization and productivity. 

  • Combined sheet approval queue for quick access to all approvals
  • Direct navigation and approval from sheet to sheet with new summary sheet view
  • Simplified approval queue access available on the manager dashboard

Journyx 12 is only available for cloud customers.  With Journyx 12’s cloud-based solution, all of your employees’ time (including project and leave time) and expenses are entered into one system – making timesheet collection and processing quicker and easier.  Click on the PDF link above to read more.  For more information about the Journyx 12, please contact your account representative at +1 800-755-9878 or