The system allows you to create Project Entry Notes for any custom entry. Project Entry Notes provide a way for you to record complex comments and information for hours logged in a specific entry. You can create a Project Entry Note for a specific entry by clicking the gray or yellow triangle in the lower right corner of the field with the entry amount. A gray triangle indicates that the entry does not yet have any notes or attachments. A yellow triangle indicates that an entry has at least one note or attachment. You can hover over the triangle to see what information exists for the entry. The entry must already be saved in the system before you will see the gray/yellow triangle. Clicking on the triangle will launch a pop-up window which can be used to create, edit, or delete Project Entry Notes (see figure 31.6).

Project Entry Note

 Figure 31.6. Project Entry Note

You can also manage Project Notes and Project Entry Notes under Preferences-->Project Notes. You can view existing Project and Project Entry Notes by selecting the search criteria and date range and clicking the Search button. The search results will be displayed below the criteria. To create a new Project Note, go to the 'Create a New Project Note' section. Select a Project and enter a note. When finished, click the Save button. Unlike a Project Entry Note, a Project Note created on this screen will not be associated with a specific entry with an amount and date.