Journyx allows you to copy existing reports to other users. You can also use this functionality to create a 'backup' copy of one of your existing reports before you make changes to it. The process for copying a report, both to yourself and to other users, is outlined below. Select the report you wish to copy from the list of existing reports on the Main Report Menu. Click the Copy button. Journyx will display the Report Copying screen.


Select the users you would like to copy the report to. You can use the ctrl-click or shift-clk functionality to select multiple users. You may click your own user name to copy this report to yourself. Enter a name for the copied report. Indicate whether or not the new report overwrites existing reports with the same name. In general, you should not tell Journyx to overwrite existing report. This option is generally only used by Journyx Administrators when a change is needed system-wide in a standard report. Click the Copy Report button.


Journyx will display the Main Report Menu, including a green text message indicating that the report has been copied to the users you selected. The selected users will now see the report you have copied to them in their list of available reports.