Line Item Options  Figure 28.13. Line Item Options

Line Item reports provide you with the ability to show the details associated with the individual time, expense, and custom entries. The options specific to Line Item Reports are:


Subtotal Period
This option specifies the length and period to use as the Subtotal Period for the report. The Subtotal Period determines the timeframe that the system will use when calculating subtotals.


Within Subtotal Period, Subtotal By Attribute
Use this option indicates which item (User, Activity, etc.) to subtotal by.


Only Show Rows Associated With Attribute Subtotal if Amounts Are
Use this option to limit the results returned by the report. The report can be configured to show only records that meet the rule you establish in this section. You may choose from greater than, less than, and equal to the amount you enter in the text field.


Show Grand Total?

This option will display a grand total of all subtotals that are displayed in the report.


Show Zero Days and Zero Subtotals?
This option determines whether the report will display subtotals that equal '0' in value. 


Show Details?
This option will display the selected fields below in the report output. 


Combine Similar Records into a Single Row?
This option will combine all records that are identical in terms of Project, Activity, Pay Type, Bill Type, and comments into one record in this report, thereby simplifying the view. This is used to combine corrective records created when a sheet is rejected and modified through an approval process. Otherwise, the system will display all records individually.

Fields to Display
Line Item reports include the option to display all of the details associated with time, expenses and custom entries. Included in these details is the ability to report on attachments. When the attachments field is included in the field list for display in a report, any entry with an attachment will include a link to view the attachment on the line for the entry. In addition to the links for viewing attachments, you also have the option to view all of the attachments included in a report by clicking on the Show Attachments button at the foot of the report. When you click on the Show Attachments button, all attachments are shown below the report. NOTE: When printing a report with attachments shown below the report, you must print PDF attachments separately. The Print PDFs button is next to the Show Attachments button at the foot of the report. It will allow you to print all PDFs in the report in one print job.