System Reports are located under Reports->System Reports (see figure 28.5). The system incorporates the ability to run reports on individual aspects of your Journyx configuration, allowing you to get a 'big picture' view of the information contained within. With the System Reports, you can easily see which Users have access to which Projects, which Activities are contained in which Groups, which Approvers are associated with which Custom Approval Plans, and nearly any other combination of internal data.

System Reports

 Figure 28.5. System Reports

Journyx's System Reports function provides a number of views of the information contained in the system database. To run a System Report you simply need to select the item on which you would like the report to be run and then indicate which associated items you would like to have shown in the report itself. The available items for reporting are the following:

  • Users   
  • Projects   
  • Groups   
  • Time Approval Plans  
  • Expense Approval Plans  
  • Custom Approval Plans  
  • Project Approval Plans   
  • Roles   
  • Time Entry Screens   
  • Expense Entry Screens   
  • Custom Entry Screens   
  • Punch/Start-Stop Entry Screens   
  • Policies   
  • Time Entry Periods   
  • Expense Entry Periods
  • Custom Entry Periods   
  • Activities  
  • Pay Types   
  • Bill Types  
  • Expense Codes   
  • Currencies   
  • Sources   
  • Units   
  • Items   
  • Locations
  • License Report  
  • Entry Column-to-Column Dependencies
  • Project-Activity Rates

Each reportable item has one or more associated items that can be selected for reporting purposes. You may select as many of these associated items as you choose from the Show Me list. You can use shift-click or ctrl-click functionality to select multiple items to show in the report. Once you have made your reporting selections, choose a report output format for the report. Before you run the System Report, you may choose to save the report output by checking the Save Report Output checkbox on this screen. If you intend to save the report output, you are encouraged to specify a more detailed Saved Report Description on this screen as well. 

Filters and System Reports

You can apply a limited set of filters to System Reports to provide even more filtered and detailed results. If you wish to run a System Report with a filter, select the criteria of your report as outlined above, including your desire to save the report output, and click the Run Through Filter button. Journyx will display the System Reports Filter Screen (see figure 28.6)

System Reports filters 

 Figure 28.6. System Reports filters 

This screen provides access to the tools needed to apply a filter to your System Report. System Report filters allow you to limit the scope of the report to show data in one of the following manners:

  • All - Choosing the All option is equivalent to running the System Report without a filter at all.

  • Only Selected - Choosing the Only Selected filter will constrain the report to show only data regarding the item(s) selected in the Selected

  • All Except Selected - the All But Selected filter will constrain the report to show only data regarding the item(s) not selected in the Selected column. 

You may select multiple items in the Selected column by ctrl-clicking or shift-clicking each item individually. 

Once you have configured the System Report filter, click the Run Report Button. This will open a new window containing the results of your filtered System Report. You may close this window when you are finished. If you have chosen to run this System Report in the Plain Text (exported) format, you should print this report out before closing the window.