If your administrator has given you access to a Stopwatch screen, you can time your work under Time-->Stopwatch Entry (see figure 29.14). Stopwatch is an optional timer for users who want to keep track of specific work as they start and stop it. The times are automatically filled in (as total hours or in/out times) on the user's standard Time Entry screen. Depending upon your screen configuration, you may need to select your details from the select lists before or after you have completed the work. If your screen is configured to set the details before you begin new work, you will see Pause and Resume buttons on your screen. You have the option to start timing new work by selecting details from the select lists and clicking on Start/Start New or on the red button next to a Memorized Entry. When you have completed the first entry, you can either Stop it or select new details and click on the Start/Start New button. This will stop the previous entry and start the new one in a single step. You also have the option to Pause timing of the work in the event of an interruption. You can then Resume the work without selecting the details again.

Stopwatch Entry        

 Figure 29.14. Stopwatch entry

Stopwatch entry is optional and does not enforce the capture of in and out times. If documenting in/out times is required for your business, please use an "allocation" Time Entry screen with a punch clock or a simple Punch Entry screen.