The Suggestions option allows you to load entry suggestions on your timesheet based on data in other applications that you use to do your work throughout the day. Data such as Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 calendar events or tasks can be loaded as suggestions on your timesheet for editing and saving as time entries. Suggestions will include project/activity/etc. selections based on the descriptions in the data. However, you can edit these selections before you save the entries, and the system will learn to make more accurate selections in the future based on your changes. NOTE: Suggestions are only supported on grid-based timesheets. They are not supported on line item timesheets where the date of the entry is chosen from a select list.

Suggestions Figure 29.15 Suggestions in New Entries Section of Timesheet

If your administrator has set up Journyx access to your Microsoft Office portal, you will see an option to link your Microsoft Office account to Journyx at the foot of your timesheet. Linking your account will allow you to load Exchange calendar events and tasks in your timesheet. If you are already logged in to your Microsoft Office portal in another browser tab, clicking on the "Link this account to Microsoft Office 365" button will automatically create the link and enable loading of calendar events and tasks. If you are not logged into the portal, clicking on the button will take you to a Microsoft Office portal login screen where you can enter your Microsoft credentials and link the account.

Office 365 Account 

Figure 29.16 Linking Microsoft Office 365 Account

After you have linked your Office 365 account to your timesheet, you can load suggestions on demand by clicking on the load suggestions link at the foot of the screen. You can also choose to always automatically load suggestions by clicking the option to automatically load suggestions. If you turn on automatic loading, you can always turn it back off by going to Preferences where you can disable the auto-loading option.

Accessing Suggestions Figure 29.17 Options for Loading Suggestions

After you have chosen a method for loading your suggestions, you will see your Exchange calendar events and tasks in the New Entries section of your timesheet for a given period. 

General Things to Know About Suggestions

  1. Suggestions are...suggestions. You can take them or leave them.    
  2. Suggestions will get better over time. The first time you use them, the selections may be pretty far off.    
  3. Editing and saving suggestions adds them to your timesheet.    
  4. Ignoring/hiding suggestions makes them go away.    
  5. X icons at the end of each entry row allow you to ignore/hide individual suggestions or suggestions for recurring events.    
  6. Hidden suggestions can be retrieved by clicking on the link in the green bar at the foot of the entry grid. 

When you select the option to ignore entries, the selected entries will be removed from the displayed list of suggested entries.

Ignoring Suggested Entries Figure 29.18 Ignoring a Single Event/Suggestion

If any of the calendar events are from a recurring series, you can ignore the entire series using the row entry menu to the right of the checkbox. If you make a mistake and want to reverse the setting to ignore entries, you can click on the menu option Show Ignored Events to display your ignored entries again for the period.

Ignoring Suggested Entries Figure 29.19 Ignoring a Recurring Event/Suggestion

Suggestions that you do not ignore will remain in the New Entries section of the timesheet for editing and saving as time entries. Don't worry if the projects and selections are incorrect in the pre-loaded suggestions. You can change the selections before saving the entries, and the Journyx system will learn from your changes and make more accurate suggestions in the future. When you are finished editing your suggestions in the New Entries section, click on the Save button to save the time entries to your timesheet.    

TIP: If you put your project names and/or other time tracking key words in the details or top of the body of your calendar event, the suggested values on your Journyx time entry screen will be more accurate.