Journyx Projectlink Overview (PDF)

Journyx Projectlink - How It Works

Journyx Projectlink™ is the Journyx integration for Microsoft® Office Project™ and/or Microsoft® Office

Project Server™ (collectively referred to as MS Project). It provides companies with an interface for

keeping MS Project and Journyx PX project accounting data in sync. Projectlink ensures your managers

have accurate, up-to-date status for project coordination and cost control in both systems. It also

provides the tools to link your detailed project plans to your ERP-based project accounting data.

Journyx Projectlink allows you to capture all of the project plan details from MS Project for time,

assignment and status tracking in Journyx. Combined with Journyx Accountlink, it also allows you to tie

your MS Project plans into your high level ERP-based projects for capture of time at a summary level for

project accounting and financials.  Click on the PDF view to read more.