Journyx Accrual Calculator (PDF)
For Vacation, PTO and Sick Leave Time Management

Accruals - vacation, PTO, sick time, jury duty, and the like - are critical but difficult to manage aspects

of employee time. The Journyx Accrual Calculator simplifies the process of dealing with these issues by

providing a simple interface for the creation of specific accrual processes that can then be applied as

needed to your existing users.

Assigning Accruals - Easier Than Ever

The Accrual Calculator allows you to create distinct Accrual Tiers for any number of accrual types for

discrete employee categories (e.g., Full Time, Part Time), which detail the precise number of accrual

hours that are granted to employees when the Accrual Calculator is run.

The Accrual Calculator can be run manually as desired or scheduled to run as a background task at

specific intervals (e.g., Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Monthly) or on a custom schedule. The frequency

at which you run the Accrual Calculator determines the rate at which the hours you establish for each

accrual type are granted to your employees.  Click on the PDF view to read more.