Journyx Payroll Rules Engine (PDF)

Automate Payroll Processes and Easily Pass Data to Your Payroll Solution

Companies use Journyx for a number of reasons and near the top of that list is everyone’s

favorite subject: payroll. Everyone in your organization understands the basic premise that they get paid

for working, whether it’s by the hour, by the project or just a plain old monthly salary.

Journyx helps you automate your company’s payroll processes and integrate them with its other

critical business functions by allowing you to use a single highly-accessible application for collecting

time and expense data and then making that data available to all of your applications and functions that

depend on that data.

Once Journyx has the data that matters for payroll, you need an easy way to pass that information

to your payroll solution. Enter the revised, revamped and redesigned Payroll Rules Engine (PRE) for

Journyx v7 and later.

The PRE for Journyx consists of two primary parts: the PRE itself, for exporting time data to ADP

and other payroll providers; and the Data Validation Rules, including the Holiday Validation Rules, for

controlling time entries and keeping those entries associated with holidays in line with your company’s

guidelines.  Click on the PDF view to read more.