Journyx and Journyx PX 11.5.0 (PDF)

Journyx and Journyx PX version 11.5.0 includes a variety of new features and improvements to make time tracking smarter and easier.  From new import tools and sources for timesheet suggestions data to a completely new approval workflow, version 11.5.0 provides you with the tools to further automate your process and finish your work faster.

New Interim Approvals for Submitting Work in Progress

The new interim approval process workflow allows users to submit work in progress for approval before submitting a completed timesheet at the end of a period.  This feature is useful for companies who need to approve and process time on a daily basis or for a non-standard period (e.g., end of pay period) but also want people to submit weekly/biweekly/monthly timesheets.  Interim approvals include:

  • Option to grant access to submit work in progress by individual user
  • Option to submit only the time entered through the current date
  • Approvers and email notifications that are consistent with a user’s period approval plan
  • Auditing and sheet history that includes the approval type

Other New Features & Improvements

  • New import tools for currency conversions and mileage conversions that allow you to keep your conversions up to date more easily
  • New custom role ability to provide more granular access to Accruals management for those who do and do not need it
  • Improved formatting for printing timesheets from the browser
  • Journyx Suggestions app for the Zapier integration platform with beta program for connecting your timesheet to Google Calendar

For more information about the Journyx or Journyx PX 11.5.0, please contact your account representative at +1 800-755-9878 or