Journyx Mobile 10.1 (PDF)

Introducing version 10.1 of Journyx Mobile, featuring a complete redesign of the user interface and the underlying

business data architecture for the native mobile app - improving speed and performance, as well as usability for

entering time and expenses.

Journyx Mobile 10.1 also includes a variety of new features:

Allocation Time Entry

  • Users can now enter their in and out times, along with hours worked, if they have allocation time entry screens
  • Users can enter in and out times manually or with a punch clock, depending upon the screen that is assigned to them in the Journyx system
  • Allocation time entry screens will display visual cues for balances that need to be allocated
  • Approvers can view in and out times, along with project hours, on submitted timesheets

Data Validation and Audit Level Support

  • All validation rules enforced by the DVT in your browser-based entry screens are also enforced for mobile entry
  • Note requirements for DCAA-type record changes for audit levels 3 and 5 are enforced in mobile entry
  • Any validation that blocks submission of a timesheet is enforced in mobile entry, and messaging is provided

Other New Features and Options

  • Dramatically improved speed and performance
  • Redesigned user interface with overview information and easier creation of new entries
  • Support for note entry on entry screens
  • Support for column-to-column dependencies

System Requirements

Journyx Mobile 10.1 requires Journyx 10.m1 or higher for your server installation. Your Journyx site must be available

to your mobile device like any other web page. If your site is only accessible when you are connected to an internal

network, you may need to work with your IT Department for VPN access for the mobile app when you don’t have

access to your internal resources. The minimum version for iOS is 7.x. The minimum version for Android is 4.4.2.

For more information about Journyx Mobile 10.1, please contact your account representative at +1 800-755-9878 or