Journyx Suggestions for Microsoft Exchange (PDF)

Easier, quicker, smarter time tracking

Now tracking time with Journyx is even easier with Journyx Suggestions for Microsoft Exchange, which automatically
loads suggestions into your timesheet based on your calendar events and tasks.

Through the use of Microsoft’s Azure® Active Directory, you can link your Office 365 portal account and Exchange
information to your timesheet in Journyx. Suggestions make it quick and easy to fill out your timesheet with
information already at hand.

Calendar Events On Your Timesheet

Do you manage your work schedule on a calendar? The calendar event suggestions tool will help you enter time
quickly with suggestions based on your calendar events. By turning on suggestions for your timesheet, you can see all
of your calendar events during the period of your current timesheet. You can choose to ignore some events (e.g.,
personal appointments, reminders) and accept others for entry into your timesheet.

Time entry suggestions will include the date, hours and details of the calendar event. You can edit the suggested
values to accurately reflect how the time was worked, and the system will learn from your changes and make more
accurate suggestions in future timesheets. As time goes by, your suggestions will become so good that you can simply
save them and move on with your day

Tasks On Your Timesheet

Like calendar events, task suggestions can be useful for people who track some or all of their work using tasks in
Exchange. If you turn on suggestions for your timesheet, you can see all of your tasks that are due during the period
of your current timesheet.

System Requirements

Connecting Journyx to Microsoft Azure/Exchange

In order to use the Suggestions/Suggested Entries feature you must have:

  • Journyx server version 11.1 or higher
  • A Journyx license key that enables this feature
  • Your organization must have at least one of the following:
    • Office 365 enterprise level subscription (includes Exchange Online automatically)
    • Exchange Online as a separate service
    • Exchange Server 2013 or 2016 local install, but in hybrid deployment connected to the Microsoft
      NOTE: a purely local Exchange Server is not supported for this feature
  • Your organization must have Azure Active Directory set up for your users
    • Local installations of Active Directory servers are allowed, as long as they are connected (federated)
      to the Azure cloud
  • The Journyx server must be registered into your organization's Azure Portal
    • Azure connection information must be saved to System Settings → Security in Journyx

Enabling Exchange Calendar Integration in Journyx

Once the connection is established as outlined above, each user in Journyx must be granted access to pull Exchange
calendar entries and/or tasks as suggestions via the time entry screen assigned to them.

  • The Entry Screen configuration must allow Suggestions (as is the default)
  • The individual user's Entry Screen Preferences must allow Suggestions (as is the default)
  • The user must manually link their Journyx account to their Azure/AD account via a login button from the
    Time Entry Screen. The user does not have to link the account if the customer is using Azure Single Sign-On

NOTE: This is an overview of the process required to set up and start using the Suggestions feature. The steps

for configuring the connection to Azure and Exchange, as well as granting access to end users, are covered in

detail in the online product help for 11.1.

For more information about Suggestions for Exchange in Journyx v11.1, please contact your account representative

at +1 800-755-9878 or