Journyx & Journyx PX 11.0.0 (PDF)

Version 11.0.0 of Journyx and Journyx PX includes a variety of improvements and new features to make time
tracking easier and smarter. Version 11 introduces smart timesheets that tie in to systems like Microsoft’s
Exchange calendar and tasks to suggest entries based on information you have already entered as part of your
normal work day. It also includes a variety of other features that makes it easier to access and report on key data
in Journyx.

Suggestions for Exchange Calendar and Tasks on Time Entry

Suggested entries for Exchange calendar events and tasks are for people who manage their schedules and tasks in
Office 365 and want to enter time quickly. If you turn on suggestions for your timesheet, you can see all of your
calendar events and tasks during the period of your current timesheet.

Suggestions for the time entry values will be included with the date, hours and details of the calendar event or
task. You can edit the suggested values to accurately reflect how the time was worked, and the system will learn
from your changes and make more accurate suggestions in future timesheets. As time goes by, your suggestions
will become so good that you can simply accept them and move on with your day.

User Interface and Usability Improvements

  • Additional search options, including date ranges and sheet status, for Approval management screens
  • Column sorting on entry screens and highlight color for current day
  • Automatic generation of default time entries for Allocation Punch Clock screen
  • Hover option to view full note without clicking through to the notes screen

Reporting Improvements

  • Option to automatically email a scheduled report to a selected list
  • Additional fields user login and user custom fields added to Accrual Report
  • Additional fields record ID and record transferred added to Time/Expense/Custom reports

Journyx PX Usability Improvements

  • Option to put assigned time back in unassigned bucket/maintain task work
  • Option to adjust assignments for multiple users on assignment management screen
  • Support for assignment custom fields in assignment import

Technical Upgrades and New Options

  • Upgrade to Python version 3.6
  • Microsoft Azure-based single sign-on
  • API option to copy parent project dependencies to children
  • Database restore (restoredb) uses multiple CPU cores and is much, much faster
  • Enhanced logging capabilities to help system administrators set logging priorities and rotate log files

For more information about the Journyx or Journyx PX 11.0.0, please contact your account representative at +1 800-755-9878 or