Journyx & Journyx PX 10.1 (PDF)

Version 10.1 of Journyx and Journyx PX includes a variety of improvements and new features to make it
easier to run your business and increase profitability. Version 10.1 is focused on accrual management
flexibility and leave reporting improvements that make it easier for employees and HR personnel to
manage time off and report on vacation earned.

Accrual Balance Changes and New Leave Reporting

v10.1 of Journyx and Journyx PX has updated and new features for accrual balance handling and leave
time reporting, including:

  • Hard accrual limits based on reaching a 0-hour balance, or other positive/negative balance
  • Warnings when certain accrual balance thresholds are reached
  • Multiple pay types can now be associated with a single accrual balance
  • New Accrual report type with Accrual balance change history, balance start and end, and leave

Other New Features and Options

  • Date/amount area on entry screens can be resized to fit longer periods (e.g., monthly
  • Entry screens include a reset button that returns all columns to the original size
  • Weekend days are shaded in a different color on entry screens
  • OFX and QFX file formats now supported in credit card upload, in addition to the QIF format
  • Org Chart Manager now includes options for automatic creation of expense and custom
    approval plans, in addition to time
  • Actual financial fields in the Profitability report type are included in both the summary and
    detailed views of the report
  • Confirmation message displayed before submission of leave requests
  • Automatic project approval option when conducting sheet/period approvals with the same
  • Timekeeping information on sheet status through search filters and color-coded links
  • Option to import time, expense or custom records while leaving them open for editing
  • Option to make login names case insensitive
  • Option to set up multiple emails for a single user for system notifications
  • Assignment renaming and import of assignment custom fields (PX only)

For more information about the Journyx or Journyx PX 10.1, please contact your account representative at +1 800-755-9878 or