Journyx & Journyx PX 10.0 (PDF)

Version 10.0 of Journyx and Journyx PX includes a variety of improvements and new features to make it

easier to run your business and increase profitability. Version 10.0 is focused on user interface and

reporting improvements that make it easier for you to get accurate data into Journyx quickly and pull

quality data out of Journyx in the format that makes sense for you.

New User Interface for Time and Expense Entry

Version 10.0 of Journyx includes updates to the time, expense and custom entry screens that make it
easier for employees to view their information and enter their data quickly.

New features included in the updated entry interface:

  • Resize select list columns to show more/less text and increase size for days shown
  • Option to collapse multiple select list columns to show more days
  • Record notes and attachments combined into one interface (gray/yellow arrows)
  • One click to open a field for editing
  • Options to edit leave requests and create several requests on one screen

New Data Validation for Expense and Custom Entry

Version 10.0 includes new Data Validation Tool rules that can be applied to expense or custom
entries, as well as time. Similar to the data validation currently available for time entry, you can set
up rules to block certain types of entries, enforce minimum/maximum values for certain types of
entries, etc.

New Report Types for Expense Details and Project Profitability

Version 10.0 includes a new report type and new report options.

The new Project Profitability report type includes:

  • Option to compare budgeted costs, revenues and profit to actual costs, revenues and profit for
    individual projects and tasks
  • Option to compare actual work and financials to the projected amounts based on assigned work
    (Journyx PX customers only)
  • Option to drill down into the detailed time, expense and custom records that roll up to the
    project and task amounts
  • Option to choose from the following rate sources for actual/projected cost and revenue
    calculations: User, Project, Project-Activity or PX Assignment

All report types now include an option to export directly to Excel via the report menu. If you are using

Internet Explorer, it will open the report directly in Excel. If you are using another browser, it will

download the report to a file that can then be opened in Excel.

Expense reports now include the option to view and print receipts/attachments associated with

individual expense entries. Other list reports for time and custom entries also offer the option to include

attachments in the reports.

For more information about the Journyx or Journyx PX 10.0, please contact your account representative at +1 800-755-9878 or