Allocation Entry Screens are screens in Journyx where you manually enter your In and Out times, then choose which project/task combination to assign some or all of that time to.  On the Journyx Mobile app, you can also do this.

Before you can use Allocation Entry Screens on Journyx Mobile, you must have an Allocation Entry screen configured as your entry screen.  If you go into Journyx and you see In/Out times at the top of your timesheet, you're set!  You can double check that you have an Allocation Entry Screen set in the mobile app by looking to see if you have any red or green colored times in your timesheet.

An Allocation Entry Screen looks like the following in Journyx

Note: You can click on any of the below images to get a larger image.

First, go to to the time period you want to enter some time to.

Second, enter some time.

Third, tap Save in the top right to save your entry and go back to the Time Sheet screen.  Here you will now have a red amount on the day you entered time ( Monday, in this example )

Tap on the day again and you'll go to the Day view, which will show all time entries on that day, as well as a bar at the top that shows your Allocation status.  Allocated Total is how much time you have to allocate, and Allocated Balance is the difference between Allocated Total and the amount of time you've entered.

Finally, tap on the blue bar and you'll be brought to a screen that allows you to enter in and out times for that day.  Tap Save when you're done.