Importing Groups can be a two step process.

In this document it is assumed that you want to create a brand new group and add existing objects to the group.  For more information on how to import new objects ( like Projects or Users ), see the appropriate Solution in the Imports folder.

Further documentation on the specifics and quirks of imports can be found on the Help page in the Help menu on any Import page.

Importing a New Group

There are two columns you need: Name and Description.  Name is the Name of the Group and Description describes the group.

You import this file under Configuration -> Imports -> Group Import.

Adding Objects to a Group

There are 3 required fields and one optional field on this import.  The required fields are ObjectName, ObjectType and Group Name.  The optional is ACTION.

  • ObjectName is the name of the Object you want to add to a group.  For example, the name of a Project.
  • ObjectType is the type of the Object.  For example, Project.  If you renamed the Project object you will have to use your new name.
  • GroupName is the Group you want to add this Object to.  For example, Full Time.
  • Action is not required, and used only if you want to remove an object from a Group.  For more information see your site's Help page.

You can import as many different ObjectTypes to as many GroupNames as you want in one import.  Every unique ObjectName needs to be on it's own line, however.

You import this file under Configuration -> Imports -> Group Membership Import.

Removing Objects from a Group

This is done by utilizing the 4th, optional, column in the import above.  The only value here is the word "REMOVE".  The import will remove any row that contains that value in the Action column.  You can both add and remove objects in the same import.

Like the above, you import this file under Configuration -> Imports -> Group Membership Import.