To use the most current mobile app you will need to make sure your Journyx install is 10.1m1 or newer. 

For more info on that please contact your Journyx administrator.

How to download the Journyx Mobile app from the Android Play store

Go to the Play Store on your Android device and search for Journyx.  You will likely see results similar to the below.  Tap on Journyx Mobile and tap Install.

How to select the most current version

Once you have done the above noted search you may see two options: "Journyx" and "Journyx Mobile".  "Journyx" is a legacy version of the Journyx mobile app for older Journyx installs.

You will want to select the option labeled "Journyx Mobile".

Once you click on that one you can click "Read More" under the description.  At the bottom of this will be the version you will be installing. As of the writing up this the current release version was 10.1.0.

How to enter your info in to the Journyx Mobile app

In the Journyx Server field you would put the website address of the Journyx site you log your time in.  For example, if you go to to enter your time on your computer, your Journyx Server will be

Also just like logging into Journyx on a web browser you would put your User Name and Password.

Then click the Login button.

After connecting for the first time the system will need to connect to your Journyx server and "refresh" data. 

It is getting your current time/expense sheets and all the objects you have access to log to.


Once the refresh is done you will be brought to the Journyx Mobile Menu screen.

If you are an entry user only you will see a screen like this.


From here you can access the features you have access to.