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Excess Lines under "New Entries" When a Timesheet is Approved under Compliance Rerports

Good Morning,

While using Journyx as the Admin, I've noticed something odd on timesheets that have been approved when I run a Compliance Report.  If I view a User's timesheet that has been approved by the workflow supervisor while in the Compliance Report for the pay period, there are 6 excess rows that show up under the "New Entries" section of their timesheet for all Users, both Hourly & Salary.  I've attached a screenshot of what I see as the Admin. if I view a timesheet while in a Compliance report.

If I view the User's timesheet under "Entry for Others" & then "User/crew Sheets", I do not see these excess rows, even if the sheet has been approved for that pay period.  In fact the "New Entries" section does not even show in this view, only Current Entries, which makes total sense.

Can those New Entries rows be removed from the approved User timesheets when reviewing them through the Compliance reports?  These rows are unnecessary & don't belong.  If the sheet has already been approved, it is safe to assume there will not be any New Entries (let alone 6 different rows of them) & all hours should be allocated under Current Entries.

It does not make sense that the timsheet view under Entry for Others & the timesheet view under Compliance reports is different once a pay period has been approved by the workflow supervisor.



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