Getting The Most From Journyx Support

How can I get the most efficient help from the Journyx Support Department?

There are several guidelines that we recommend to ensure optimal performance from the Journyx Support Department. Please review this document for general procedures.


Who should contact Journyx Support?

In almost all cases only a customer's System Administrator should contact the Journyx Support Department. The primary reason for this is that, in almost all cases, a problem cannot be resolved by anyone other than a person who has Administrative rights to your company's installation. Journyx does not maintain login access to our customers' installations, and therefore cannot resolve problems without a local administrator.

Oftentimes a Network Administrator, DBA, or Operating Systems expert will need to be called in to address infrastructure-type items. If the System Administrator suspects an infrastructure type item, then the appropriate expert should be brought in on the issue to consult.

The Journyx Support Department will work with a non-administrator, but only after your System Administrator has been informed of the issue. The remainder of this document is assuming that you are the System Administrator.

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When is Journyx Support available?

Our standard hours of operation are from 8:00 to 6:00 CST Monday through Friday. Please contact our sales team if you would like to make arrangements for one-time or ongoing off-hours support for your organization.

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How should I contact Journyx Support?

There are several methods for contacting the Journyx Support Department, and your best method will depend upon several factors. The following is a general description of each contact method.

  1. Extended Tracebacks
    Extended Tracebacks are an advanced diagnostic and communication tool that is built into the Journyx applications. If the application generates an error message, then the Extended Tracebacks feature can communicate that error directly into the Journyx Support Online Helpdesk. For customers using Timesheet or ProjectXecute, this is always the best method for contacting us. The Extended Tracebacks feature of your application should work with any error message that appears on the screen with the Journyx button bar still in place.
  2. Online Helpdesk
    Customers with a maintenance license should use our Online Helpdesk. This submits your support issue directly into our support tracking application and helps us move your case to the right support resource.
  3. Search the KnowledgeBase
    The Journyx Support Department offers a searchable KnowledgeBase. Resolutions for many known problems are posted there. The KnowledgeBase is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and contains hundreds of application solutions.
  4. E-Mail
    Please send new problem reports to You will receive a reply from to confirm receipt, and you will need to address all other e-mail on the problem to that address. Using other addresses will likely delay support response.
  5. Phone
    This is obviously a fast way to reach the Journyx Support Department, but it is often not the most efficient means of communicating the details of an issue. We ask that you reserve the phone for notifying us of Urgent issues. Our phone number is 800-755-9878 (in the US and Canada) or 1+512-834-8888.

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What information should I provide to Journyx Support?

There are a few basic diagnostic questions that you will be asked and need to be ready to answer when you contact the Journyx Support Department. Often these will help you solve your own problem. There is nothing magical about these questions, though, and more information is always helpful. Of course, if one of these doesn't apply to your situation then skip it.

  1. What has changed recently?
    This is a System Administrator question. Has the server been rebooted? Has a Group structure been changed? Anything that has happened lately may help us to diagnose your particular issue.
  2. Is this repeatable from someone else's account or someone else's PC?
    Many problems are web-browser-based. You can test this by having the affected user try to repeat the problem from someone else's computer. If they cannot repeat the problem, then likely it is an issue with the configuration of the affected computer. Also, sometimes a browser will hold onto bad data, like an error message. If you clear the browser's cache, or if you try to use the affected computer as a different Timesheet user, then often this will clear the problem.
  3. Have you done a basic configuration check for this person/project/element?
    Many problems revolve around a single user, a single project, a single Time Entry Screen, or some other common element. Whatever the element is, it should be pulled up in the appropriate Management and Modification screens and examined. Is it in the appropriate Group(s)? Is something obviously wrong with the configuration? This simple logical check will resolve a great number of reported problems. The most common is items (including Users) who got dropped from the wrong Group and are now not usable. Simply adding the element back into appropriate Group(s) will often solve problems.
  4. Exactly what screen were you on, exactly what information did you enter, and which button did you push to generate this error? Can you repeat the error if you change what you entered? Many times we are going to need to recreate an error from scratch in order to properly resolve it. This is why we often ask for backups of databases, because we are not given enough background information about your configuration to properly recreate your error.
  5. How important is this resolution?
    Please tell us how much trouble this is causing.

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When should I contact Journyx Support?

The System Administrator should contact us as soon as he or she has the problem details together. If you are having trouble getting those details together, then tell us what you know and what you are having trouble sorting out.

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What should I expect from Journyx Support?

Journyx Support makes every effort to get to each case as quickly as possible. However, we do prioritize based on whether our customers have a maintenance contract and the severity of the issue. Here's how we manage the support cases we receive:

  1. Customers with special arrangements for support
    There are a few customers who have special arrangements for additional support hours and special contact methods. If you are interested in this platinum-level support plan, please contact our Sales Team.
  2. Paid customers with current maintenance contracts
    All customers who have paid for support, including cloud-hosted customers, get first prioritization of Journyx support resources.

    The Terms & Conditions of your maintenance contract outline these 4 broad categories and their expected response times:

    • Severity 1 - Urgent
      An Error for which there is no available work-around and that: (1) renders the Purchased Services completely inoperative or unavailable; or (2) causes the Purchased Services to fail catastrophically. Catastrophic failures are those that cause loss or corruption of Your Data. We generally acknowledge Severity 1 calls within one (1) business hour from the time the call was placed, and strive to resolve Severity 1 issues within one (1) business day from the time the call was placed.​
    • Severity 2 - High
      An Error that significantly degrades performance, or materially restricts the use of, the Purchased Services, but for which a work-around is available. We generally acknowledge Severity 2 calls within two (2) business hours from the time the call was placed and strive to resolve Severity 2 issues within three (3) business days from the time the call was placed.
    • Severity 3 - Medium
      An Error that causes a minor-impact reduction Your ability to access and use Purchased Services. We generally acknowledge Severity 3 calls within four (4) business hours from the time the call was placed and strive to resolve Severity 3 issues within five (5) business days from the time the call was placed.
    • Severity 4 - Low
      An Error that has little to no impact on the use of the Purchased Services. We generally acknowledge Severity 4 calls within the next business day from the day the call was placed. Severity 4 issues will be resolved to the degree and in the manner appropriate to the particular Error or issue in question.
  3. Paid customers without current maintenance contracts
    Customers who don't have a current maintenance contract can access support on a pay-per-incident basis.

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What should I do if the support system is not working for me?

If you are dissatisfied with the performance of Journyx Support, please call us at 800-755-9878 (in the US and Canada) or 512-834-8888. Ask to speak to a manager, and let them know the nature of your problem.

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