Professional Services Overview

The Journyx Professional Services Team stands ready to help you face the complex challenges of business in the 21st Century. Whether you are implementing a new Journyx system or looking to integrate it with other systems, Journyx Professional Services can make the project a success. The team is ready to assist you with Installation, System Configuration, Product Training, System Integration, Project Management and Technical Support. Learn more about the different ways the Journyx team can help aid your business efforts.


ProStart Implementation Package

Are you new to Journyx? The Journyx ProStart Implementation Program ensures a quick and successful installation and configuration of your Journyx system. Journyx Professional Services Team members work directly with your personnel to produce a detailed timeline and implementation plan specifically for your organization. Journyx emphasizes teamwork and open communication with your organization through each phase to keep the implementation moving smoothly forward. Potential system problems are identified and resolved prior to enterprisewide implementation, ensuring smooth operation in the future. Learn more about the ProStart Implementation Package.


ProUdate Reconfiguration Package

In too many cases, software struggles to keep up. Not with Journyx. We developed the Journyx ProUpdate service package to make it easy to keep your Journyx installation in line with you changing business requirements.
ProUpdate includes:
  • Process analysis
  • Configuration auditing
  • Reconfiguration and migration services (if needed)
  • Training


If you find that your organization has moved beyond your existing installation of Journyx, Journyx ProUpdate will get you back on track. Learn more about the ProUpdate Reconfiguration Package.