The newest version of Journyx includes a variety of enhancements to the most powerful and flexible time accounting solution on the market. Version 9.0 of Journyx includes an expansion of the custom role abilities.  It also includes more granular control of some existing abilities.  The role ability work is focused on giving division and business unit managers the power to fully manage a set of employee groups without requiring administrator access. Additionally, Version 9.0 includes new reports and notifications that give your managers the information they need to fully oversee the employees they are responsible for.  In addition to the reports on their time, expenses and projects, managers will be able to see meta-data for individual employees such as the last time the employee logged into the Journyx system and login failures.


Journyx PX

Journyx PX provides functionality in the areas of forecasting and execution, as well as introducing an entirely new, yet intuitive, interface to address your project resource planning needs. Journyx PX provides:

  • Project Resource Management
  • Project Actual Work Reporting
  • Billable Time Reporting
  • A Central Repository for Project and Resource Data
  • Material and Reimbursable Expense Tracking
  • Project Cost Accounting
  • Real-Time Status Reporting
  • Overhead and Leave Tracking
  • Integrations with Microsoft Project and ERP, Accounting, HR, & Payroll Systems
  • A Dashboard for Quick Review of Work Status


Learn more about how Journyx PX expands the functionality of Journyx.



Accountlink for QuickBooks

Journyx Accountlink for QuickBooks automates transfer of employee project time and expenses data from Journyx into QuickBooks. Accountlink transfers project/job status, employee/contractor time, and reimbursable/billable expenses so your employees can simply track project time and expenses in Journyx. After the time and expenses for a period have been approved, accounting personnel can use Journyx Accountlink to pull all of the period's data into QuickBooks for processing. Say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone double entry! 


Accountlink for Microsoft Dynamics

With Accountlink for Microsoft Dynamics, companies quickly implement a complete time tracking solution using existing business data in Dynamics. Accountlink for Microsoft Dynamics offers the following key features:

  • Automatic processes guarantee consistency and accuracy of collected data
  • Seamless integration with Dynamics GP, SL, AX and NAV
  • Customized timesheet actions with flexible approval paths and data validation
  • Bi-directional data transfer options so you can access and utilize information in the most appropriate manner for your business requirements
  • Well-tested project accounting interface guarantees that data is easily accessible so your projects are always on time and under budget


Learn more about Accountlink for Microsoft Dynamics.



Journyx Reportlink is a robust reporting engine that allows you to tap into all the power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel pivot tables and report building features. Reportlink seamlessly syncs to Microsoft Excel, allowing you to report on your Journyx data in real-time. Reportlink gives you endless reporting abilities with an impressive variety of visually dynamic graphs that are advanced, yet easy to read. With Reportlink, you can easily create templates, sync your Journyx data, and save the results as sharable Excel files that can be tailored to Journyx user specific settings. You must be on version 8.7 or higher of Journyx or Journyx PX. Learn more about Reportlink.



Journyx Projectlink provides you with an interface for tracking detailed project actuals via the Web. Once configured, a simply running a synchronization of the projects will update MSP with data from Journyx. Based on MSP ID numbers and standard database table locations, MSP will "know" where to incorporate the data transferred from Journyx and vice versa. Learn more about the capabilities of Journyx Projectlink for Journyx and Projectlink for Journyx PX.


Add-On Tools

Payroll Rules Engine

Journyx helps you automate your company's payroll processes and integrate them with its other critical business function's by allowing you to use a singly, highly-accessible application for collecting time and expense data. Journyx then makes that data available to all of your applications and functions that depend on that data. The Payroll Rules Engine is an easy way to pass that information to your payroll solution. The PRE consists of two primary parts: the PRE itself, for exporting time data to ADP and other payroll providers; and the Data Validation Rules, including the Holiday Validation Rules, for controlling time entries and keeping those entries associated with holidays in line with your company's guidelines. Learn more about the Payroll Rules Engine.


Accrual Calculator

Accruals - vacation, PTO, sick time, jury duty and the like - are critical but difficult to manage aspects of employee time. The Journyx Accrual Calculator simplifies the process of dealing with these issues by providing a simple interface for the creation of specific accrual processes that can then be applied as needed to your existing users. Learn more about the Journyx Accrual Calculator.


Data Validation Tool

The Data Validation Tool for Journyx - available separately, or provided with the Payroll Rules Engine - provides organizations with the ability to validate time data entered into Journyx against customized rules. Data Validation rules can be created by Journyx administrators to enforce restrictions on how users may enter their time. The rules are assigned to Pay Groups, making it easy to set rules for specific types of employees such as hourly workers, salaried employees and contractors. Learn more about the Data Validation Tool.


DCAA Toolset

Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliance can be met only through detailed time labor and cost center tracking. With the Journyx DCAA Toolset, you can automate the costly process of capturing and reporting contract-specific data and provide critical supporting documentation for DCAA audits. The DCAA Toolset provides three critical tools for ensuring that your DCAA reporting needs are met in the easiest manner possible. From simplified audit log analysis to targeted printable timesheet to a friendly but firm reminder to your employees that they must log their time, the DCAA Toolset has you covered. Learn more about the DCAA Toolset.


LDAP Integration

Do you ever wish that some parts of your business infrastructure would accept their regular network logon, rather than requiring yet another special logon? The LDAP integration allows your users to enter their network login and password into the Journyx login page to access their Journyx  account. If that's not enough, we even have an advanced version of the tool that allows you to have Journyx create and update users' accounts in Journyx based upon the data in the LDAP store. Learn more about LDAP Integration.


Single Sign On Tool

The Journyx Single Sign On (SSO) Tool offers an authentication mechanism for Journyx that allows users to avoid the need to log in manually. The authentication mechanism is based in HTTP headers, and is designed to be implemented within a preexisting intranet infrastructure. Learn more about the Single Sign On Tool.


Self-Service SQL Tool

The Self-Service SQL Tool allows Journyx customers with in-house SQL expertise to write their own database queries and view the results of those queries as custom reports within Journyx. Each of these reports has its own title, access settings, preferences, and even runtime parameters, making this tool a true DIY reporting kit for Journyx. Learn more about the Self-Service SQL Tool.